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Infographic: How to Run Correctly

A simple and direct infographic that everyone needs to know…

How to Run Correctly #infographic http://www.visualistan.com/2014/06/how-to-run-correctly-infographic.htmlaption

An introduction to forefoot and midfoot running:

Center of Gravity

Heel strikes when your strides reach too far from your center of gravity. And Mid/Forefoot striking happens when the foot strike is nearer from your center of gravity.

Focus of Tension

The heel strike straightens the leg for impact this focuses on the heel and knee increasing the risk of injury. And Mid/Forefoot strike focuses the tension on the muscles (due to a bent knee) reducing the risk of injury.

Foot Striking Method:

Heel Strike

  1. Unnatural stress forced on the heel.
  2. Increased tension on the joints.
  3. Stride in front of your center of gravity.

Mid/Forefoot Strike

  1. Tension and stress more equally distributed around the foot.
  2. Engange the muscles on the feet strengthening them.
  3. Stride flows naturally through your center of gravity.

The simple visual that anyone can understand.