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Running Buddies And Benefits

What to expect with running buddies and its benefits?

We run anytime, we bring whom we can get into a run, a runner or a non-runner!

Going to make a phase backward scenario in dealing with running buddies. 🙂 And here’s one a not understated, roughly to expect with a non-runner buddy.

Scenario: It’s for your own good, you won’t know it that you’ve run that far, it won’t keep us long and will never hurt you even the slightest. There’s no chance at all! You’ll feel great more than you’ve known, look at me!

Running Neighbor Suspect

Gladly, there are runners everywhere, all you have to do is to make advertisement – “running partner wanted” or you could look into running buddy apps which you can find a running partner near you.

Here, you don’t have to deal so much drama, all you have to do is set date and time and everything goes well. Unfortunately, never expect too much of them. They might not be your usual type of a running buddy. If ever, you weren’t much of help to them too. Being a jerk gloat or making yourself proud, being too conceited is boring. You know what I mean!

Whom to choose?

Slow running buddy keeping yourself as if you’re doing it for them or you are just too shy to admit that you are slow. Come on! How can you take a bigger leap for yourself if you yourself afraid of it! Or choose the faster one which you could make yourself a bet if you can pass over your running buddy or not. And it would be a big success if it is, right?! But keep it mind that what matters most are your goals. And just be honest about everything.

running partner
running partner

Running Buddies Benefits

Two aspects:

Physical Benefits

You are not always healthy, admit it you’ll get injured if you don’t have proper training. Running buddies also help you assess yourself on how far and how hard can do for work. Be honest what you feel and admit that you are in pain for your partner may give an advice or he might have had an experience. But do not always take them all though, your story may differ from your running buddy. You should have all important types of exercise in your training program.

And Emotional Benefits

Just remember all relationships don’t last forever. As I have said you’re not fit always, you might get injured from your run and that means you need to find new running buddy or you need to reconsider your running schedule. More of that, imagine what you get from your running buddy to make everything better. What may you have become, the faster pace and how the running buddy motivated you – a sense of achievement!

So get out there and grab a running buddy with the running apps.


Infographic: How to Run Correctly

A simple and direct infographic that everyone needs to know…

How to Run Correctly #infographic

An introduction to forefoot and midfoot running:

Center of Gravity

Heel strikes when your strides reach too far from your center of gravity. And Mid/Forefoot striking happens when the foot strike is nearer from your center of gravity.

Focus of Tension

The heel strike straightens the leg for impact this focuses on the heel and knee increasing the risk of injury. And Mid/Forefoot strike focuses the tension on the muscles (due to a bent knee) reducing the risk of injury.

Foot Striking Method:

Heel Strike

  1. Unnatural stress forced on the heel.
  2. Increased tension on the joints.
  3. Stride in front of your center of gravity.

Mid/Forefoot Strike

  1. Tension and stress more equally distributed around the foot.
  2. Engange the muscles on the feet strengthening them.
  3. Stride flows naturally through your center of gravity.

The simple visual that anyone can understand.

Why We Love Running

Running women’s perspective is to lose pounds or to be of shape. Most of the runners started for these reasons. And they just have to run without hesitations and no goals at some point. They’d never run a marathon basically, never had it in mind.

It’s the first thought on running. Straightforward and plain other than on losing weights. It makes sense, for me, I have this one reason at first. But when I am into it 🙂 No one could make me STOP.  I am crazy about it. Total guilt!



Eventually, as we had it in our system.  We get up, get dressed and run til it gives lives to ourselves. Being imperfect makes me exert more courage and determination to be different from others – a unique personality, a unique me!

Became hooked on running these benefits I am enjoying and the feeling of no regrets for my whole life.


  • Clears my mind,
  • Relieves stress,
  • Brings me happiness,
  • Challenges me and makes me stronger on the road and in life.
  • Contentment
  • More friends
  • Mood swings are gone
  • And all the positive in life to gather
  • And most of all dds life


And now if I have to count how many times I run a marathon? I can’t say it, well it just an outnumbers to say, though!

YES, I am crazy enough to say that I could have the chance of not getting hurt badly as those runners whined up about bruises, splints, or worst bone dislocation.

Medals are just for recognition, but the things that thought me in running a marathon are the benefits, what I’ve learned, impossibilities never had the chance!

But in the end, never let yourself deprive of running a marathon, the experience are above expectations, those feeling of contentment felt of being a whole person.