Kids Love Running

Kids nowadays are hooked with gadgets which parents mostly tolerated them because they’re too busy doing homework or working. Letting the children as young as a year old watch on Ipads. Apparently, they’re the one buying for the kid.
Imagining them deprived on things. Kid must do playing, running, exploring and to be with their friends.
That’s why schools are now giving programs that could let the kids do to their potentials on mental and physical activities and explore themselves and even understand themselves.



Communities especially on running sports where parents are very active and letting their children do a marathon. But before letting your children run a marathon, consider the do’s and dont’s and better get a coach for them to be properly trained.
Well, it’s not all about running. It’s about getting them out of the house walking, chatting and befriend to others. Why percentage of the people are fearful, depressed because they locked up themselves.



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