Getting Ready for a Marathon

Every runner’s dream to run a marathon – may it half or a full one!  Others anticipated in getting their goal. But what exactly is your goal? Finishing the line, it may not be the first but still on top? Or just to finish the marathon “the hell, I care” first or not?

We always hear this, you wouldn’t be a so-called RUNNER if you haven’t run a marathon. Or you were just simply telling the others that you are a runner! Does it justify everything?

For every intention to run a marathon, you should have plans. Musn’t be a single option but make it 2 or 3. If the first and second would not take the way it planned then you have the still option to take into. Plan-A-B-C.001.jpg

If Plan A didn’t work, you still have Plan B and C. And with this, won’t burn yourself out thinking of what’ve gotten wrong or see it as a simple test to yourself! It’s just evaluating you, to sum up, or lessen something that your body could endure.

Re-assist yourself:

  1. Race distance – try the best you can achieve (half or full) or a (5k or 10k).
  2. Race season ( if you can do it in winter or in summer) – consider warmness and coldness or what your body could endure.
  3. Race Gear – before anything else 🙂 Get yourself  comfortable suits.
  4. Racetittude -always wear this! Be POSITIVE.
  5. Race Budget – basic as it is. For your overall training.





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