Summer Run – Fun!

Summer is a terrific time to run, but challenges await  with the temperature and worst humid. But there are ways to beat them, staying cool on the run and all the precautions are being pre-assisted.

Does sun beat you down?11401020_927341403997442_1302042016430223898_n

(ctto: pic isaforlife)

Does sun makes you uncomfortable?11401020_927341403997442_1302042016430223898_n

(ctto: pic huffingtonpost)

Does sun makes you weary?11401020_927341403997442_1302042016430223898_n

(ctto: pic cru)

But don’t blame the sun! It’s you who have to make the day, NO EXCUSES!

Though it’s 90, 95, 98 or 100 plus degrees outside and its flaming hot! Do not let the sun beats you, do it otherwise! There are tips on summer running to avoid dramas ⬆️ ⬆️  when outside 😁!giphy

If you can’t stand the heat. Take another time routine; running in the early morning or at night time. You’re not the only one running at this time. People are more convenient or just their time preference. There’s a big difference running outside and on a treadmill, you know that!

Basic steps on night running here to make you comfortable.


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