Women’s Favorite Gears for Running

Keeping fit and stance performance, women’s behind those are the perfect gears.cc7bf6bdb4062d42225eee5109250280

  1. A Stylish Shirt,  a “badass” shirt that everyone wants.


2. Sexy Leggings a breathable design that burst out your curves.


3. Sports Bra, sleek design with a back pocket for phones and gives you comfort and keeps you on the GO with great support!


4. Running Shoe, colorful and futuristic running shoes.  Hugs your foot like a glove. The lightest design to date.

5. Garmin, an activity tracker with elevated wrist heart rate .Counting calories burned and miles run. With a vibrator to get you up and reminding  that you’ve been inactive.

The city streets are my track

6. Reflective Vest, make yourself visible. Runners meet accidents, especially at night. This one makes it great for a variety of uses like walking, jogging, running, cycling and even camping.

With all the gears mentioned above are top of its kind. With creative and unique designs where only true runners can understand a runner. Their needs and wants for comfortable and doable running.


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