Top Fun Night Running Marathons

When you only have to browse and doesn’t have to read junks and flowery words. Drive in with this simple and striking lists.

The Big Top Astonishing Lists that makes everyone giggles:

  1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon (Race day: November 12- 13, 2016)
    Las Vegas, the Sin City. Is finally having something in the city that’s more focused on electrolytes in your body than dinging slot machines. They let you live longer so that you can still do the strokes 😁6a00d83451bb7069e201b8d125917c970c-600wiStrip At Night it’s not about all the running and medal also will unlock ALL of your RUNNER PERKS, their complimentary access to clubs and you just have to choose. And with the band entertainment along with your run.
  2. Glow In The Park (Race day: July 30, 2016 – PA)The freaking awesome foam-pits-fluorescent-colors-blacklights-glowing-warpaint-dance-moves night !Light up the night in a 5k  run!532347_441141429307970_594737063_nYou’ll enjoy your every move with the light on you draws and the unique neon adventure. You’ll see the difference in every race with their different surprise adventure!

    Take note: Save dimes for early registration.

3. Electric Run (hover to their site for their schedules)

An adrenaline for a 5k run  with a dance party gives the thrill of a night with friends.


Another great experienced!  Thrill with a heartbeat music from start to finish. And have a blast on the finish line. A double sweaty ignition!

4. Screaming Pumpkin Prediction Marathon & Relay (Race day: October 29, 2016)

The Screaming Pumpkin is part race, part Halloween Party! The event hosts a 10K and Marathon Relay race.


Rewards the runner who finishes closest to midnight without going over. And they choose their own start times based on their predicted finish.

Running 46.55 mile laps on a moonless night through a 150 year old cemetery: obelisks, monuments, and mausoleums looming out of the darkness. The only light you have is the one you brought. With the wind blowing through the trees, causing them to creak. Occasional animals, unseen off the road, hissing at you.Wand & tiara for finishing. Be reflective!


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