5 Things on Night Run

Not all people run on their comfort time. Well, early morning and night running before and after they catch up to their daily routines. Especially working moms and dads who can’t get the time they wanted for their passion. And they just can’t live without running. So, having the day complete whenever in a day it is!

Whether in a day or at night danger is in the corner. Though  it is more depressingly dangerous at night but can’t let them still. Runners need to run or might die there instantly. Expressions that runners take it seriously 😂

So, before setting your foot on your door be sure you have these things.

  • HYDRATION BELT – Extremely important and keeps you moving. Find one that fits and according to your want. I mean pockets for gels or bars, keys or phone  when running long distance.13473087_911799808942911_1974424570_n
  • PHONE –  Turn your GPS on and let people know you’re running before going out, we don’t know danger! 😕 And aside from that keep your playlists and enjoy the run. Make your phone maximize its usage. And make sure you’re taking the right road.


  • GARMIN – Record your run, count burnt calories, draw your map and get your miles. Do this every run and compare!


  • REFLECTIVE GEAR – Be visible. Dangers are not by people but also by cars. Estimated 6% or more runners meet accidents in a year. Choose a hi-viz gear, extremely reflective, lightweight that doesn’t give uncomfortable running and fits you perfectly.

Glow in dark pink.png

  • PEPPER SPRAY – Give those burglars what they want. Struck them right through their eyes. But make sure you know how to use it or otherwise jet yourself.

13473087_911799808942911_1974424570_n (1)

More runners met accidents because of negligence. Be sure you’re on the right road or lane. Be aware of your surroundings especially when in an earphone. And as much as possible run with friends.


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